​​​​​​​​​​                                               Cake Flavors                                                

Standard: White wine (vanilla), vanilla, chocolate, marble, lemon, red velvet, orange.

Premium:  Carrot, coconut, almond

                                                  Fillings​                                                                                         Standard: Swiss meringue buttercream, cream cheese buttercream                                                          Premium:  Dark or white chocolate  mousse, strawberry, raspberry or lemon mousse,                              Oreo Cream, Reeses  or Heath Bar Crunch, lemon coconut, chocolate chunk buttercream, chocolate hazelnut cream, pineapple.                               


Standard: Swiss meringue buttercream

Premium: Chocolate buttercream 


Prices may be subject to change due to increases in market prices 

Wedding cakes and all tiered cakes start at $6.00 per person.

Premium flavors and fillings add .50 to .75 per serving. 

​Cupcakes are $4 each. Minimum order one dozen of each flavor.

Tower rental for cupcake towers is $25, plus a refundable deposit.

Celebration cakes start at $75 for a two layer 9" cake.

Design work and special fillings are additional.

Deposits are required to reserve wedding cake dates.

Advance payment is requested for all custom celebration cakes.

We accept checks, cash and Pay Pal transfers.

Additional Charges

 Premium flavors and fillings, scroll work and complex designs, fondant decorations, sugar paste flowers, chocolate seashells, fresh flowers, delivery and set up.



"Trish was a godsend. Despite trying to work with another vendor it all fell apart. Trish came in and via email was able to use our design (literally on the back of an envelope)....to make the most amazing looking and tasting three tier cake. People are still talking about how good the different layers tasted, and all done pretty much at the last  minute and at an amazing price."

Grahaeme H

 London, England

Review from The Knot



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Consultations are available by phone and email. "To Go" tastings can be arranged for cakes of 50 or more people. 

We realize that Cape Cod is a prime location for destination weddings and you may need to make arrangements from out of state or out of country.

With just a few phone calls or emails and pictures we can simplify the whole process for you, create your perfect cake and deliver it to your venue on time. 

Give us a call  

 Because we are a small bakery and limit the number of cakes we make we tend to book up early. 

We recommend ordering a wedding cake several months in advance but will always try to accommodate orders on short notice whenever possible.